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Urban Apologetics
What is Urban Apologetics?

Apologetics is reasoned arguments in justification or defense of something. It does not mean to apologize in the modern sense of the word. The Bible tells Christians to always be prepared to give a reason for our faith. (1Peter 3:15)


Urban apologetics is aimed at answering questions geared specifically toward African American Christians. 

African American Christians find themselves in a unique position to be asked certain questions relevant to American history and slavery and how it relates to Christianity. The answers to these questions may be beneficial for any and all Christians to know, but they are critical for African American Christians. 

Urban apologists seek to remove the stumbingblock that these questions often present so that people can clearly see Jesus for who He is and His message of love, forgiveness, and acceptance for all of God's creatures. 



What Are Some Examples of these Questions?
Image by Jack Sharp

Some of the topics in this field include:

  • Christianity and American Slavery

    • Christianity being "the white man's religion"​

    • Christianity being forced on our ancestors

  • Questions of Historical Authenticity

    • Who did Black people pray to before slavery?​

    • Whether Christianity should be abandoned for "traditional African religions"

    • Whether Christianity is simply a copy of ancient Egyptian religions. 

  • Questions of Cultural Relevance

    • Is Jesus really a white man?​

    • Does Christianity benefit Black people?

Defending Black Christianity
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