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Nefer Nitty SDA?

The first and most important statement I want to make is that I am not ashamed of my beliefs. I am unapologetically Seventh Day Adventist. I am grateful that the Lord called me into this truth. I became SDA in 2007, after much prayer and study. I made the decision with the same excitement and gratitude I possess to be SDA today.

Recently, I was publicly outcast by the community of Urban Apologists. They issued a public statement “excommunicating” me and pronouncing a curse upon me and all Seventh Day Adventists, stating that we are under anathema. As justification, they listed 9 things they said Seventh Day Adventist believe and that, by extension, I believed.

That list was erroneous and I explained to these gentlemen from the beginning that they had a misunderstanding of Seventh Day Adventist doctrines, but they stubbornly insisted that they knew what they were talking about even after I provided them with a document correcting their misunderstandings of our teachings. They ignored my corrections and went forth to publish their opinions irrespective of what I had said. I have made available the documents and the email exchange between myself and these gentlemen. Please feel free to email me for a copy of the documents.


This experience has been trying in the sense that I expected people who pride themselves in their intellect and research abilities to be more genuine in their approach to matters foreign to them. I expected to be treated with respect and to be heard. I was not. I did not have an opportunity to be heard. These men tried to tell me what to believe without ever knowing what I do believe.  I expected people I considered colleagues and friends to show an iota of love and respect. I received none.

On the other hand, the experience has been a glorious, exciting one. I had been attempting to focus my ministry solely on issues related to Christianity at large. More specifically, to issues related to Black Christians. What has been exciting is that Yah has opened the door for me to explain more fully what it is Seventh Day Adventists believe. I am now unapologetically discussing the 3 Angels Messages – the special truths for the last days.

Please join me every Tuesday night at 8pm EST as I, along with Pastor Ivor Myers, Evangelist Dwayne Lemon, and Elder Lance Wilbur discuss these very important truths. The live videos are hosted on my YouTube channel and Facebook pages simultaneously.

We also host a private group Bible study on Mondays at 4pm EST for those who are new to these truths and we invite you to join us if you like!

Click here to sign up for our private group study. 

For more information about what Seventh Day Adventists believe, visit the church's official website. 

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