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Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee. 
Isaiah 26:3
The Importance of a Christian Mindset

Of the many beautiful promises in the Bible, the God's offer of perfect peace is among the most neglected. In my experience, Christians are not generally taught the practical application of the mindset principles of God's word. 

All around the world, people are disappointed, dejected, discouraged and depressed. Christians are no exception. But it ought not be that way. I firmly believe that if we *truly* believe what God says and apply what He has taught us in the Bible, we will attain the joy He has promised. We will also be able to maintain that joy. 

Christians need not look to eastern mysticism or secular modes of thought in order to secure the peace that passes understanding. The answer to life's disappointments (like the answer to everything else) is right there in the Bible.


Join Neffie on the Perfect Peace Project and find your way from daily distress to perfect peace. 

You can join the Perfect Peace Project by listening to the Perfect Peace Podcast five days a week here. 

For the full experience, be sure to purchase your own copy of The Perfect Peace Practice Manual, your Christian Mindset guidebook and journal - all in one! 

In it, you will find a month- long devotional for five days of the week, with two flex days to either catch up or meditate on the principles learned. You will also have a variety of mental & faith exercises to allow you to put into practice the principles that will bring about the promise of perfect peace. 

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Neffie is available for weekly individual or small group coaching sessions.  
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